Jill Daniels - 1940's Tribute Act

Jill Daniels
1940's Tribute Act

Beginning her singing career in the late 1970's, Jill was coompared to the sounds of Vera Lynn even then, earning her the title "The Sweetheart of the Midlands", she went on to perform in many of the top Caberet Nightclub Restaurants including Talk of the Midlands (Nottingham), Talk of the North (Eccles), Heart of the Midlands (Birmingham), Embassy Club (London)as support to the Numerous Star acts and bands.

Jill was renowned for her excellent renditions of Vera Lynn classics but didnt begin to specialise in 1940's hits until she was asked to perform a special show for the VE Day 50th Anniversary Celebrations. Since then, bookings began to pour in for the Wartime Show which became known as the 'Hits of the Blitz', now the mainstay of Jill's schedule. In 2005, Jill performed her 'Hits of the Blitz' show for Dame Vera Lynn herself. This show is a must have for all 1940's or Wartime events!

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