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Sally Morgan - Medium

My gift has enabled me to explore a variety of avenues and I will be eternally grateful for being able to connect my gift in so many ways through my tour, TV series and books. Although my work is extremely challenging and highly emotional at times, I would never change it. I know that I am exceptionally lucky to have this amazing gift and to be able to explore and share it through my Tour, TV series and books is a huge honor and one that I will be eternally grateful for. We live in a cynical world and I’ve had to prove myself time and time again.

In 2005 I was tested by Professor Gary Schwartz, a Harvard University Ph.D. graduate, who after the experiment regarded me as one of the best mediums he has ever tested. I have never tried or wanted to convert anyone throughout my life as a medium. I believe that everyone is entitled to his or her own belief system and all I aim to do is share with people the possibility that there is an afterlife.

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