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Vicki Lambert
All Rounder

Vicki has perfected her shows with sounds from the 50’s to present day, her most recent being the fantastic sounds of Adele. Vicki has the ability to sing a massive range of songs, she tries to includes a wide range of different types of music, so that her audience enjoys an evening with a wide variety of great entertainment. The sounds of different famous artist such as Cher,  Amy Winehouse, Duffy, Adele, Tina, Shania, Shirley, Gaga, Sandy Shaw, Cilla  and  Dusty all come out  in the show, which Vicki has an ability to sound very much like them.


Rolling In The Deep -  Adele

You Don’t Have  To Say you Love Me -  Dusty

The Edge Of  Glory - Gaga

First Time  -  Aretha Franklin

Mercy -  Duffy

Back to Black  Amy

Jar Of Hearts - Christina Perry

Downtown - Petula Clark

Walking Back to Happiness Helen - Shapiro

Wild Horses-Susan Boyle

Hallelujah - Alexandra Berk

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