Tank Sherman - Comedian

Tank Sherman

Stand-up and sit down comedy at its best. Tank prides himself in the fact that his act never contains a swear word. Why should it? Funny is funny, end of! He is at home in front of a family audience, or in front of adults, or his television in his lounge. With his own stupid observations on life, stories about his family and friends, his work, self penned gags (and some he wrote with his mates biro), Tank WILL make you laugh. This award winning comedian - (one of them wasn't just for swimming, oh no, he had to tread water in his jim-jams for 2 minutes as well!) also has a great singing voice, so your show may have a small splattering of The Platters (or should that be - a small plattering of The Splatters??) Are you smiling? Good !

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